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I. Each of the following incomplete statements is followed by four alternatives. Read each statement and the four alternatives carefully and decide which of the four alternatives best completes the statement.(20%)

1. Language is ______. (      )

A. the product of the human brain   B. rule governed

C. independent of culture   D. the result of social institutions

2. Language, culture, and thought ______, each influencing and shaping the other two. (      )

A. alternate   B. change

C. interact   D. substitute

3. “Propaganda” connotes ______, so it is a pejorative term in English. (      )

A. giving publicity to something   B. exchanging useful knowledge

C. spreading biased information   D. motivating people to do something

4. “Dog” and “狗' convey the ______ meaning, but their connotations are quite different in English and Chinese cultures. (      )

A. identical conceptual   B. same affective

C. related thematic   D. parallel reflective

5. Which of the following words contains a derivational morpheme? (      )

A. nicer   B. maps

C. precede   D. worked

6. Which of the following sentences demonstrates hypotactic relation? (      )

A. Bread and butter is my favourite breakfast.

B. I think he is right.

C. I told him exactly when I would leave for Paris.

D. He bought tea. coffee, eggs, milk, etc.

7. ______ is NOT often used as a vocative among English speakers. (      )

A. Grandfather   B. Father

C. Mother   D. Mother-in-law

8. “______” is NOT an appropriate reply to a compliment. (      )

A. Never mind   B. Thank you

C. Do you really think so   D. I wish it could be true

9. “Look forward to” corresponds in meaning to ______ .(      )

A. look ahead   B. expect

C. look into   D. examine

10. “______.” is used to talk about something that is inoffensive but feeble or colourless.

(      )

A. A male chauvinist   B. A big fish

C. Milk and water   D. A nine to five job

11. A ______ is a direct comparison between two or more unlike things, normally introduced by “like” or “as”. (      )

A. proverb   B. euphemism

C. metaphor   D. simile

12. Pink-collar employees are employees in occupations traditionally held by ______ .(      )

A. women   B. men

C. old people   D. young people

13. “To go to a better world” is a euphemistic expression for ______. (      )

A. “to go for a trip”   B. “to sleep”

C. “to die”   D. “to have sex”

14. There are ______ in English, too. For example, majesty, honourable and excellency are such terms. (      )

A. honourifics   B. euphemisms

C. taboos   D. terms of humility

15. “We were having dinner when the door bell rang. ”

The above sentence is connected ______ . (      )

A. hypotactically   B. paratactially

C. in a parallel way   D. unreasonably

16. “I'd love to join in. Only I don't know how to play. ”

The logical relationship between the above sentences is ______ . (      )

A. additive   B. adversative

C. causal   D. temporal

17. “7 days without 7-up make one weak.” In this advertisement, one can find the tactful use of ______. (      )

A. homophones   B. figure of speech

C. repetition   D. several adjectives

18. In American English, in which word is the letter “a” pronounced as [æ]? (      )

A. pass   B. park

C. cake   D. about

19. What nonverbal message does waving good-bye convey? (      )

A. Accenting   B. Complementing

C. Repeating   D. Substituting

20. In Chinese culture, touching or pointing to one's own nose with raised forefinger signifies ______.  (      )

A. It's me   B. irritation

C. impatience   D. frustration

II. Each of the following incomplete statements is followed by four alternatives. Read each statement and the four alternatives carefully and decide which alternatives can complete the statement. There might be more than one correct answer. (10%)

21. Culture in its technical sense is ______ .(      )

A. human specific   B. a social phenomenon

C. a national phenomenon   D. a historical phenomenon

22. In English culture “red” is often associated with ______ .(      )

A. celebrations   B. good fortune

C. communism   D. cool mind

23. Which of the following statements may be true? (      )

A. Branching and linear sentence patterns result from thinking patterns.

B. Branching sentence patterns are related to analytic thinking pattern.

C. Linear sentence patterns are related to analytic thinking pattern.

D. Branching and linear sentence patterns can be related to emotional factors.

24. When receiving a gift, English speakers may say “______”. (      )

A. How much is it   B. It is really very nice

C. It is really what I want   D. Shall I pay for it

25. ______ is a proverb related to individualism. (      )

A. Do not wear out your welcome   B. Even reckoning makes long friends

C. Wives are bills of charges   D. From saving comes having

26. In English blue is usually associated with ______ .(      )

A. unhappy feelings   B. manual work

C. envy and jealousy   D. explicit reference to sexual acts

27. Which of the following is the example of discrimination against women or sexist language?

(      )

A. chairman   B. chairperson

C. the human race   D. mankind

28. The sentences in a text may be linked by ______ means. (      )

A. grammatical   B. logical

C. lexical   D. meaningful

29. The English equivalent for “单程票” is ______ . (      )

A. one-way ticket   B. one-trip ticket

C. single ticket   D. round-trip ticket

30. Chewing one's finger nails signifies ______ .(      )

A. relaxation   B. emotional stress

C. worry   D. not knowing what to do

III.Fill in each underlined space with a proper expression. (20%)

31. As a mirror of culture,______ is strongly influenced and shaped by culture.

32. Reflected meaning is communicated when one ______ of a word forms part of our response to another sense of the word.

33.English speakers are direct people who tend to locate central meaning before ______ meaning.

34. English surnames may be preceded by a ______,like Mr.,Mrs.,President,Doctor,etc.

35. “A big ______ in a small pond” is used to talk about somebody whose importance and influence are great only in a restricted situation or small community.

36. In English ______ is usually associated with jealousy and envy.

37. Anything which is prohibited by religion,tradition or social usage is a taboo. There are behaviour and.______ taboos.

38. It has been claimed that English texts develop in a _____ fashion,while Chinese ones develop in a spiral way.

39. American English differs from British English mainly in pronunciation and ______.

40. ______,the way in which one holds oneself, call also convey communicative messages.

IV.Answer the following questions briefly.(12%)

41. What is intercultural communication?

42. How would you explain the fact that “black tea” and its equivalent in Chinese “红茶” are formed differently?

43. What is the most salient feature of the headline in English newspaper?

44. How could one interpret the verbal and nonverbal messages in the following sentence? A boy told his mother in a whispering voice that it was not he who broke the vase ,but did not dare to look at his mother in her eyes.

V. Translation. (18%)

45. 人不犯我,我不犯人。

46. —非常感谢您为我所做的一切。



48. A small leak will sink a great ship.

49. Since he became manager, the company has been running in the black.

50. Dr. Thomas Green requests the pleasure of your company at luncheon.

VI. Discuss the following topics. (20%)

51. What cross-cultural contrast can you find between English and Chinese telephone calls?

52. How are swear words used in English and Chinese? What cross-cultural contrasts can one find underlying them?


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