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  I.Multiple choice: (1×15=15)

  Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

  1. ______, which is the tourism market of accommodation facilities and attractions within a country, indicates internal tourism plus inbound tourism.

  A. Inbound tourism B. Outbound tourism

  C. International tourism D. Domestic tourism

  2. The Grand Tour is a tour of certain cities in ______ undertaken primarily for education and pleasure.

  A. Southern Asia B. Northern America

  C. Western Europe D. Eastern Africa

  3. Owing to many other complicating factors ______ inflation, investment in tourism therefore remains ______ it does in any other industry.

  A. so as, so risk as B. such as, as risky as

  C. such so, so risk such D. as such, such risky as

  4. With the invention of ______ in 1853, hotels began to expand upward.

  A. computers B. steamed ships

  C. locomotives D. elevators

  5. Most nations are especially interested in developing tourism as an ______ industry.

  A. export B. import

  C. ecological D. accommodation

  6. ______ creates the flexibility to satisfy changing consumer needs at prices that are cost-competitive with mass-produced holidays.

  A. Digit technology B. Computer technology

  C. Information technology D. Electronics technology

  7. Behavior is influenced by a number of things, with motives ______ only one of them.

  A. be B. to be

  C. being D. been

  8. Over the past decade the tourist industry ______ profoundly by the development of computer technology.

  A. is affected B. has affected

  C. was affected D. has been affected

  9. The modern era of travel by water is characterized by ______ performing cruising and ferrying roles.

  A. ships B. hovercraft

  C. jet foils D. ships, hovercraft, and jet foils

  10. The departmental managers advise and help the general manager in formulation of the operating policy and ______ that it is carried out.

  A. see it B. see to it

  C. seen it D. seeing to it

  11. China has numerous temples, pagodas, statues and cave carvings, ______ are associated with Buddhism, Daoism and Confucius.

  A. many of which B. much of which

  C. any of which D. all of which

  12. When ______ prices from the printer, tour operators should approach several companies, as quotations can vary substantially between printers.

  A. obtain B. obtained

  C. obtaining D. being obtained

  13. Significant changes can be expected in the next few years in the field of ______.

  A. national tourism B. professional tourism

  C. mature tourism D. business tourism

  14. China officially joined the World Tourism Organization in October, ______.

  A. 1963 B. 1973

  C. 1983 D. 1993

  15. In business tourism, ______, with an international or export-orientated business activity was in the upper end of these figures.

  A. America B. Britain

  C. Canada D. Japan

  II. Reading comprehension: (2× 10=20)

  Directions: Read the following passages and make your proper choices.


  In Britain arrangements for inviting and entertaining guests at a wedding are usually the responsibility of the bride's family. In most cases it is mainly friends and relations of both families who are invited. But when the bride's father is a businessman of some kind, the wedding reception may provide a useful occasion for establishing social connections with clients or customers and other people whose goodwill may be of advantage to him. It is, however, the bride's mother who has the job of sending out the formal printed invitation cards.

  In the case of a church wedding, the vicar of each parish in which the bride and bridegroom live is normally informed about a month in advance of the ceremony so that an announcement of the coming wedding can be made in church on each of three Sundays before it takes place. Anyone who may know of an existing marriage of either partner is ordered to give information about it, through this means of avoiding bigamy (重婚) must have been more effective in the days when people moved about the world less than they do today. Often up to a hundred or more people attend the religious service and the bride usually wears the traditional long white dress and veil, while her bridesmaids, who are often children, wear long dresses in attractive colors. This may also happen in the case of a civil wedding in a register office but is probably less usual.

  The reception which follows may be held in a restaurant, a local hall or, when there are few guests, in the bride's own home. Refreshments are provided, a special iced wedding-cake is cut usually to the accompaniment of speeches and distributed to the guests, toasts are drunk and dancing may follow. At some point in the celebrations, the bride goes off to change into everyday clothes and then leaves the party with her husband to go on their honeymoon, the journey they will make together, often in romantic surroundings abroad.

  16. According to the passage some guests may be invited because ______.

  A. their presence is a great honor to the family

  B. their presence may provide future benefits

  C. they can bring more goodwill to the family

  D. they can make the wedding more sociable

  17. Which of the following statement is NOT true?

  A. Guests are invited for different reasons.

  B, The bride's family is in charge of preparing the wedding.

  C. Any illegal marriage will be stopped by the church.

  D. The bride's mother decides the name list of guests.

  18. The reason the vicar is informed in advance of the ceremony is that ______.

  A. the bride's family can make sure that all the guests are informed

  B. people can ensure a thorough investigation of a lawful marriage

  C. the coming wedding can be announced time and again

  D. it leaves more time for the bride's family to arrange the wedding

  19. Which of the following statements may NOT be inferred from the passage?

  A. A civil wedding is not as romantic as a church wedding.

  B. Sometimes the reception is held in the bride's home.

  C. A church wedding is usually attended by many people.

  D. The bride in a civil wedding often wears the white dress and veil.

  20. When do the couple leave for their honeymoon?

  A. Soon after the wedding ceremony.

  B. Near the end of the reception.

  C. In the course of the reception.

  D. After the drinking and dancing.


  The discovery of the Antarctic not only proved one of the most interesting of all geographical adventures, but created what might be called 'the heroic age of Antarctic exploration'. By their tremendous heroism, men such as Shakleton, Scott, and Amundsen caused a new continent to emerge from the shadows, and yet that heroic age, little more than a century old, is already passing. Modern science and inventions are revolutionizing the endurance. Future journeys into these icy wastes will probably depend on motor vehicles equipped with caterpillar traction rather than on the dogs that earlier discoverers found so invaluable and hardly comparable.

  Few realize that this Antarctic continent is almost equal in size to South America, and enormous field of work awaits geographers and prospectors. The coasts of this continent remain to be accurately charted, and the mapping of the whole of the interior presents a formidable task to the cartographers who undertake the work. Once their labors are completed, it will be possible to prospect the vast natural resources which scientists believe will furnish one of the largest treasure hoards of metals and minerals the world has yet known, and almost inexhaustible sources of copper, coal, uranium, and many other ores will become available to man. Such discoveries will usher in an era of practical exploitation of the Antarctic wastes.

  The polar darkness which hides this continent for the six winter months will be defeated by huge batteries of light, and make possible the establishing of air-fields for the future inter-continental air services by making these areas as light as day. Present flying routes will be completely changed, for the Antarctic refueling bases will make flights from Australia to South America comparatively easy over the 5,000 miles journey.

  The climate is not likely to offer an unsolvable problem, for the explorer Admiral Byrd has shown that the climate is possible even for men completely untrained for expeditions into those

  frozen wastes. Some of his parties were men who had never seen snow before, and yet he records

  that they survived the rigors of the Antarctic climate comfortably, so that, provided that the appropriate installations are made, we may assume that human beings from all countries could live there safely. Byrd even affirms that it is probably the most healthy climate in the world, for the intense cold of thousands of years has sterilized this continent, and rendered it absolutely germfree, with the consequences that ordinary and extraordinary sickness and diseases from which man suffers in other zones with different climates are here utterly unknown. There exist no problems of conservation and preservation of food supplies, for the latter keep indefinitely without any signs of deterioration; it may even be that later generations will come to regard the Antarctic as the natural storehouse for the whole world.

  Plans are already on foot to set up permanent bases on the shores of this continent, and what so few years ago was regarded as a 'dead continent' now promises to be a most active center of human life and endeavor.

  21. What kind of metals and minerals can we find in the Antarctic?

  A. Magnetite, coal and ores. B. Copper, coal and uranium.

  C. Silver, natural gas and uranium. D. Aluminum, copper and natural gas.

  A.统计资料 B.统计结果

  C.统计结论 D.统计描述

  2.在以下数据中,属于定序数据的是( )

  A.性别 B.文化程度

  C.产业 D.职业

  3.就业人员是指一定时期内所有从事一定的社会劳动并取得劳动报酬或经营收入的人,其年龄必须是( )

  A.15岁及以上 B.16岁及以上

  C.17岁及以上 D.18岁及以上

  4.以下选项中,不属于有酬就业人员的是( )

  A.职工 B.帮工

  C.合作经营者 D.保姆

  5.在我国工业企业劳动时间统计的基本单位中,建筑企业一般使用的是( )

  A.工时 B.周时

  C.记件 D.工日

  6.国际上将法定工作时间在一周内超过一定数量定为“过量就业”,其时间是( )

  A.35小时 B.40小时

  C.45小时 D.50小时

  7.以下选项中,能够最综合、最全面反映生产效率的概念和指标的是( )

  A.劳动生产率 B.一般劳动生产率

  C.边际劳动生产率 D.实物劳动生产率

  8.以下能纳入工资总额津贴、补贴部分的是( )

  A.独生子女费 B.劳动报酬

  C.降暑降温费 D.书报费

  9.养老保险的实际参保人数包括养老保险在职参保人数和( )

  A.离退休人数 B.失业人数

  C.就业人数 D.退休人数

  1O.工资统计具有重要意义,离退休职工离退休金确定的依据是( )

  A.工资总额状况 B.平均工资状况

  C.社会平均工资增长状况 D.工资率状况

  11.在一次事故中,有3人或更多人员死亡,这属于( )

  A.轻伤事故 B.特大伤亡事故

  C.重大伤亡事故 D.一般伤亡事故

  12.伤亡事故分类中,下列属于对劳动者人身的直接伤害因素是( )

  A.不懂操作技术 B.劳动不合理

  C.设计有缺陷 D.机械伤害

  13.在伤亡事故严重程度的分析指标中,千人负伤率指标反映的是事故( )

  A.死亡率 B.重伤率

  C.受伤率 D.伤亡率

  14.职业技能培训统计指标中,属于培训机构情况统计的指标是( )

  A.培训能力规模 B.参培人数

  C.结业人数 D.培训经费收入

  15.工会会员总人数与同范围的职工人数相除得到的分析指标,是反映( )

  A.工会化程度 B.工会组织覆盖率

  C.干部会员比 D.基层工会平均规模

  16.优盘是属于( )

  A.随机存取存储器 B.只读存储器

  C.辅助存储器 D.主存储器

  17.FoxPro是属于( )

  A.层次数据库 B.网状数据库

  C.关系数据库 D.面向对象的数据库系统

  18.在Excel中,单元格地址H18表示( )

  A.H列18行 B.18列H行

  C.H1列8行 D.8列H1行

  19.如果需要统计出不同成绩等级的学生人数,可能用到的函数是( )


  C.SUM() D.MAX()

  20.在Excel工作表中,=AVERAGE(A4:D16)表示求A4:D16单元格的( )

  A.最小值 B.和

  C.最大值 D.平均值



  21.在统计学中,统计一词概括了以下几重含义,它们是( )

  A.统计资料 B.统计工作

  C.统计学 D.统计分析


  22.如果要对社会劳动时间进行分析,可以从以下几方面进行,它们是( )

  A.就业不足分析 B.超时工作分析

  C.实际工作时间分析 D.完全失业率的计算


  23.从工资的特点看,工资是( )

  A.劳动力再生产的费用 B.生产的成本

  C.管理和激励手段 D.人力资源配置的杠杆


  24.下列对实际工资的描述,正确的有( )

  A.名义货币工资的实际购买力 B.名义货币工资与货币购买力的乘积

  C.名义货币工资除以消费价格总指数 D.名义货币工资除以货币购买力


  25.下列属于职业技能鉴定统计指标的有( )

  A.技能鉴定机构数 B.考评人数

  C.参加技能鉴定考核人数 D.获取职业资格证书人数






















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