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一、1.Vocabulary and Structrue

0. It makes good______to bring all umbrella;it seems to be raining today.





1. If you are too______of your children,they will never learn to deal with   difficulties in life.





2. His intelligence will______him to get a scholarship to college.





3. The professor asked a question,and David______a good answer.

A.put up with

B.stood up for

C.came up with

D.looked down upon

4. No sooner had we reached home______a violent storm broke out.





5. People differ______one another______their ability to handle stress.





6. They should try to______their usual inhibitions and join in the fun.

A.send off

B.lay aside

C.take to

D.turn off

7. During the past two decades,research has______our knowledge of   daydreaming.





8. The students are required to______the main ideas of the article in their   own words.





9. The outline of rooftops and chimneys______against the pale sky.

A.pulled out

B.looked out

C.held out

D.stood out

二、2.Cloze Test

1.Curiosity is not only a possible motivation,it is also a great help in your   learning languages. Remember that a language is not (11)______ a grammatical   system. It is the (12)______ of a certain culture of different cultures. It is   no good (13)______ strings of words and lists of grammatical rules (14)______   you know as much as possible about the background of the language,so that you   can understand the ideas conveyed and the references made,as well as the   inferences which can (15)______ the information clearly given. so learn as much   as you can about the different cultures which (16)______ English-watch   television programs,listen to the radio,try to obtain (17)______ and magazines   written by native speakers,look at advertisements,and,above all,read-not   textbooks, (18)______ novels,poems and plays. They will show you how a language   is (19)______ used. The English language is a living form. of expression which   derives much of its (20)______ from the context. and much of its effect from a   whole network of extra-linguistic knowledge.












A.have learnt










A.be carried over

B.be freed from

C.be held up

D.be drawn from


























三、3.Reading Comperhension

1.How often one hears children wishing they were grown up,and old people   wishing they were young again. Each age has its pleasures and its pains,and the   happiest person is the one who enjoys what each age gives him without wasting   his time in useless regrets.

Childhood is a time when there are few responsibilities. If a child has good   parents,he is well fed,looked after and loved. It is unlikely that he will ever   again in his life be given so much without having to do anything in return. In   addition,life is always presenting new things to the child-things that have lost   their,interest for older people because they are too well known. A child finds   pleasure in playing in the rain,or in the snow. His first,visit to the seaside   is a marvelous adventure. But a child has his pains:he is not so free to do as   he wishes as he thinks older people are;he is continually being told what to do   and what not to do. Therefore,a child is not happy as he wishes to be.

When the young man starts to earn his own living,he becomes free from the   discipline of school and parents;but at the same time he is forced to accept   responsibilities. With no one to pay for his food,his clothes,or his room,he has   to work if he wants to live comfortably. If he spends most of his time playing   about in the way that he used to as a child,he will go hungry. And if he breaks   the laws of society as he used to break the laws of his parents,he may get   himself into trouble. If,however,he works hard,goes by the law and has good   health,he may feel satisfied in seeing himself make steady progress in his job   and in building up for himself his own position in society.

Old age has always been thought of as the worst age to be;but it is not   necessary for the old to be unhappy. With old age comes wisdom and the ability   to help others with advice wisely given. The old can have the joy of seeing   their children making progress in life;they can watch their grandchildren   growing up around them;and,perhaps best of all,they can,if their life has been a   useful one,feel the happiness of having come through the battle of life safely   and of having reached a time when they can lie back and rest,leaving everything   to others.

The happiest people should be those who______.

A.face up to difficulties in life

B.hope to be young again

C.enjoy life in different ages

D.wish to be grown up


The word“they”in Line 4,Para. 2 refers to______.

A.older people

B.new things




A child has his pains because______.

A.he can not do whatever he wants to

B.he is not allowed to play in rain

C.he has a lot of new things to learn

D.he can not play at the seaside freely

4.When a child becomes a grown-up,he is supposed to______.

A.live comfortably

B.take responsibilities

C.make progress in job

D.impress the society

5.The best title of the passage might be______.

A.Pains and Ages

B.Differences in Ages

C.The Best Age to Be

D.Happiness and Ages

7.We all know that humans are damaging the environment,but what can we do   about it?Some people are trying to do their bit to be more environmentally   friendly.

Local councils in Britain encourage certain aspects of green living,such as   recycling paper,tin,plastic and glass. They want to reduce the amount of rubbish   going into landfill sites(填埋场),because they are running out of places to   dump(倾倒)rubbish. In some areas rubbish for recycling is collected from your   doorstep,but in other areas,you have to take it to a special recycling   place,such as a bottle bank.

Another way of reducing the amount of rubbish you create is to use reusable   products instead of disposable ones. For example,some people use strong shopping   bags or boxes for their groceries instead of plastic carrier bags,or use   washable nappies instead of disposables.

More people are becoming interested in reducing their carbon footprint-the   amount of carbon they use up. They try to reduce their carbon emissions(释放)by   cycling,using public transport or an electric car,rather than driving   gas-consuming vehicles. Some people choose not to fly for holiday trips because   planes are the biggest producers of carbon emissions.

You can make“green”choices when buying food too. It's best to buy food which   was locally grown or produced so that it hasn't been imported by air,or shipped   by road from far away.

Houses can be environmentally friendly too. It takes less energy to heat a   house if it has good insulation(绝缘,隔热)and double glazing(双层玻璃). You can also   create your own energy if you have solar panels or a wind turbine fitted though   these can be expensive. You can also save water by using a rain water container   for washing the car or watering the garden. It's even possible to use a system   where“grey water”-water which has been through a tap(水龙头)once already,is used to   flush(冲洗)toilets. Some new housing projects are being built specifically to be   as environmentally friendly as possible.

The purpose of collecting reusable wastes is to______.

A.save energy consumed in daily life

B.reduce the amount of rubbish dumped

C.create a new way of green living

D.decrease the amount of carbon produced

8.In order to cut down on the carbon emission,more people choose to   travel______.

A.by electric car,bicycle or plane

B.by private car,bicycle or bus

C.by bus,electric car or plane

D.by bicycle. bus or electric car

9.It is best for people to buy food______when making“green”choices.

A.produced locally

B.imposed abroad

C.transposed by road

D.grown in green houses

10.As mentioned,“grey water”can be used to______.

A.wash the car

B.water the garden

C.clean the toilet

D.dispose of wastes

11.The passage is intended to advise people______.

A.to make use of rubbish

B.to save energy and water

C.to recycle reusable products

D.to have a green living

13.Americans are a very energetic and mobile people,always on the run,rushing   from one appointment to another,from a PTA(Parent-Teacher Association)meeting to   a social planning committee.

They have very little time to spend preparing elaborate(精致的,复杂的)everyday   meals to be eaten at leisure. In many homes it is rare for the whole family to   sit down at supper together. Clubs and committees force them to grab a quick   meal rather than a sit-down supper.

When they do have the chance to eat at home,often the working housewife   prefers to prepare meals that can be quickly heated and consumed. It is no   wonder,therefore,that America has become a shelter for fast food   consumption.

This great transformation occurred after World War Ⅱ when many women began to   work full time and spend less time at home with their families.   Women,however,wanted to function well in the capacity of homemaker,as well as   that of career woman but time became a precious commodity(商品)which had to be   carefully used.

Therefore,it was necessary to make her life easier at home in the preparation   of the family dinner. Simultaneously with women entering the job market there   was also a shifting of the focus of home entertainment from the radio to the   television. Television became the latest fashion in the 1950s and no one wanted   to miss his or her favorite programs. And then. the place for supper shifted   from the dining room to the living room.

As the customs changed,so did the culture. The immediate solution for this   was the invention of the TV dinner. These were frozen meals which were divided   into portions of meat and vegetables. They could easily be put into an   oven(锅)and prepared within minutes. The tin trays(托盘)in which they were served   were conveniently carried into the living room and dinner Was consumed in front   of a TV set. Cleaning up afterwards Was no problem. The fin trays were easily   thrown into the garbage. From fast dinners at home the next step was quick   eating while on the road. Love for TV was combined with the fascination for the   automobile. It is not odd that with the development of the superhighways America   saw the beginning of fast food chains. McDonald's paved the way with its variety   of burgers and cold drinks soon to be followed by all kinds of other foods.   Today dozens of fast-food chain stores can be found along highways,in modem   shopping malls and scattered throughout neighborhoods in America. Taco   Bell,Pizza Hut,Roy Roger's,Burger King and Wendy's ale just a few of the   fast-food chains which are now part of American culture. They offer   chicken,donuts,tacos and pizza,all quickly produced in great quantities for the   masses. These establishments have given shape to the modem lifestyles and diet   of the American people.

In America,the whole family seldom have dinner together at home   because______.

A.they have so many social activities

B.they have a lot of meetings to attend

C.they rush from one appointment to another

D.they often move from one place to another

14.America has become a shelter for fast food consumption because______.

A.some women are engaged in entertainments

B.few women are able to make meals at home

C.women are unwilling to cook for their families

D.many women are mostly occupied with work

15.The passage tells that nowadays Americans have their supper______.

A.in the dinning room

B.in the living room

C.in the grocery stores

D.in the fast food chains

16.The word“establishments”in the last paragraph probably means______.

A.fast foods

B.TV dinners

C.shopping malls

D.snack bars

17.The main idea of the passage is about______.

A.women's role in American families

B.advantages of fast food for Americans

C.modem lifestyles and diet in America

D.shift of American home entertainment

四、4.Word Spelling

0. 角力,摔跤 vi. w_ _ _ _ _ _

1. 打哈欠 vi. y_ _ _

2. 天气,气象 n. w_ _ _ _ _ _

3. 志愿者,志愿兵 n. v_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. 唯一的,独特的 a. u_ _ _ _ _

5. 打字机 n. t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. 绊跌,绊倒 vi. s_ _ _ _ _ _

7. 保持,保留 n. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

8. 提及,参考 n. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

9. 预期的,未来的 a. P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

10. 忽略,眺望 vt. o_ _ _ _ _ _ _

11. 功能的,实用的 a. f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

12. 部长,大臣 n. m_ _ _ _ _ _ _

13. 使地方化 vt. l_ _ _ _ _ _ _

14. 夹克衫 n. j_ _ _ _ _

15. 注射,针剂 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

16. 女主人 n. h_ _ _ _ _ _

17. 真正的,真诚的 a. g_ _ _ _ _ _

18. 侄子,外甥 n. n_ _ _ _ _

19. 怀疑的,可疑的 a. d_ _ _ _ _ _ _

五、5.Word From

0. I would play football with you if I______(be)20 years younger.

1. Just as she was about______(speak),she was handed a note.

2. I don't want to make a show of______(I)before strangers.

3. ______(Necessary)is the mother of invention. This is remarkably true.

4. The mayor gave a______(convince)speech to call up the citizens against   pollution.

5. He was hurt by a flower vase______(drop)from the balcony(阳台).

6. Neither the prices nor the quality______(specify)in the last contract.

7. The beauty of the place is beyond______(describe).

8. It is the first time I______(talk)with native speakers in English.

9. The family spent a______(delight)holiday in the country last month.

六、6.Translation from Chinese into English

0. 上周末的音乐会上,那位歌唱家的演唱由她的学生担任钢琴伴奏。

1. 那些年轻人尽了全力才达到了他们的目标。

2. 全家人都同意去澳大利亚过新年。

3. 直到最近我才意识到语言与文化密切相关。

4. 科学技术从未像现在这样高速发展。

七、7.Translation from English into Chinese

0. Books are to mankind what memory is to the individual. They contain the   history of our race. the discoveries we have made,the accumulated knowledge and   experience of ages. They picture for us the marvels and beauties of nature,help   us out of difficulty,comfort us in sorrow,change hours of tiredness into moments   of delight,fill our minds with good ideas and happy thoughts. and lift us out of   and above ourselves. And also,books can help transport us to mountains or the   seashore. and visit the most beautiful parts of the earth,without   fatigue,inconvenience,or expense. In a sense they give us an even more vivid   idea than the actual reality. So,precious and priceless are the blessings which   the books scatter around our daily paths. We walk,in imagination,with noblest   spirits,through the most fascinating regions.

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