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一、1.Vocabulary and Structrue

0.The government finally______all the documents relating to the war.





1.Anxiety can______with children's performance at school.





2.New drivers age far more______to have accidents than experienced   drivers.





3.That proposal is essentially irrelevant______the issue at hand.





4.The vehicle was traveling at speeds______90 miles per hour.

A.in addition to

B.in view of

C.in excess of

D.in search of

5.Fish is______and expensive at this time of the year in this area.

A.in large measure

B.to the minimum

C.in short supply

D.to the maximum

6.To understand the sentence,you should analyze its parts______.





7.The cloth had a natural look which perfectly______the image Laura   sought.

A.turned out

B.set down

C.thought over

D.coincided with

8.The farming methods have been______improved with the inventfion of the new   machine.





9.It has been found that a strong______helps overcome the effects of   distraction.





二、2.Cloze Test

1.Have you ever seen the man in the moon?If you look (11)______ at the moon   on some nights. you can see the face of the man in the moon. Some people say   that they can see an old man (12) ______ sticks. Others say a girl reading.   These pictures are made by the mountains and plains of the moon.

Long ago people in England used to tell their children that the moon was   (13)______ green cheese. Everyone knows that this is not true. The moon is a   large round rock. It is completely (14)______ . There are no trees and plants of   any kind on the moon. There are no rivers and seas. There are no living things.   It never rains on the moon,and everything is covered with (15)______ . white   dust. Not even a (16)______ can be heard on the moon.

Where the sun (17)______ on it,the moon is very hot. In the dark,however, it   is cold (18) ______ ice. The moon is much smaller than the earth. It does not   weigh as (19)______ as the earth. If you (20)______ to the moon,you would weigh   six times less than you do. Even a fat man would be able to jump high off the   ground.







A.to carry





A.made up

B.made out

C.made of

D.made over

































B.will go



三、3.Reading Comperhension

1.In March 2004,Joe Ryan got a notice from a billing agency for a hospital   near Denver,Colorado. The hospital wanted payment for surgery totaling $41,188.   Ryan had never set foot in that hospital. Obviously there was some mistake. “I   thought it was a joke,”says Ryan.

But when he called the billing agency,nobody laughed. Someone,who's also   named Joe Ryan,using Ryan's Social Security number,had indeed been admitted for   surgery. He figured clearing this up would take a just few phone calls.

Two years later,Ryan continues to suffer from the damage to his credit rating   and still doesn't know if his medical record has been cleared of wrong   information.

Joe Ryan was the victim of a little-known but frightening type of consumer   cheating that is on the rise:medical identity theft,which involves using your   name to get drugs,expensive medical treatment and even cheating insurance   payments.

As Ryan discovered,money isn't the half of it. When someone steals your name   to receive health care,his medical history becomes part of your record-and   setting the record straight can be extremely difficult. That's because,in   part,the information is handed out among dozens of caregivers,from doctors to   medicine stores to insurance companies and labs.

“I wanted to help straighten this out,”says Ryan,“so I went to the   hospital,and they had a three-inch-thick record for me,but they wouldn't let me   see it. I showed them my ID,and they said that's not Joe Ryan's signature.   Well,of course not!They had this other guy's signature. ”

Ryan had fallen into a victim's Catch-22:If your record doesn't appear to be   yours,you may not have the right to read it,much less change it.

Ryan's next step was a visit to the police department. But the police said   that there was not much they could do,that the local law enforcement has little   experience with medical ID theft,and cases like this can end up being considered   a civil matter.

The billing agency sent Joe Ryan a notice to______.

A.play a joke on him for medical treatment

B.inform. him of the payment for his surgery

C.clear up the wrong information in his medical record

D.correct the mistakes about payment for his surgery

2.Joe Ryan initially thought his problem was______.

A.easy to settle

B.difficult to settle

C.impossible to solve

D.unnecessary to solve

3.The number of the medical identity theft cases is______.





4.An even worse consequence of medical ID theft is______.

A.some trouble in obtaining insurance payments

B.a big loss of money and damage to credit rating

C.the widely spread medical information of the victim

D.the difficulty in changing the wrong medical history

5.It can be known that the medical ID theft is______.

A.a civil matter

B.a medical case

C.a political issue

D.a domestic event

7.Rob Reiner,co-founder of Castle Rock Entertainment,was greadtly surprised   when he saw his studio's film Proof of Life. “Wow,why is Meg Ryan smoking up a   storm?”Reiner says. “It didn't add to the plot. ”Fourteen months later,Castle   Rock has a policy of discouraging tobacco use. Any actor,director or   screenwriter who wants to depict it must first meet with Reiner. “They have to   make a really good case. ”he says. “Movies are basically advertising cigarettes   to kids. ”Movie characters light up more often than people do in real   life,argues Stanton Glantz,a professor of medicine who has launched a“Smoke-Free   Movies”newspaper ad campaign. His study found that on average the 20   top-grossing films featured 50%more instances of smoking an hour in 2000 than in   1960. And an American Lung Association survey discovered that 61%of the tobacco   use in films last year occurred in movies rated G,PG and PG-13. With teen   smoking up dramatically in the past decade,a movement is building to hold   Hollywood accountable. So Glantz says,“The entertainment industry is in denial.   ”

But it's getting an education. Susan Moses,deputy director of Harvard's   Center for Health Communication,and Lindsay Doran,former head of United   Artists,have been going from one studio to another. They hit the bosses with   hard facts:a million teens a year become daily smokers,and a third of those will   eventually die from tobacco-related illness. When Doran and Moses met with   executives from Imagine Pictures,says Doran,“They said,‘Smoking is not in any of   our scripts. “But then they called the next day and said,‘We looked,and it's   everywhere. “”Karen Kehela,co-chairman of Imagine,recalls trying to take smoking   out of one script. after the meeting,“but the actor insisted on smoking,”she   says. In fact,many movie stars can't leave their cigarettes in the dressing   room. “Actors who smoke look for any reason to integrate it into their   characters,”Reiner says. “You have directors who don't care about the social   implications or are yielding to the actors. ”

Reiner was astonished at the film Proof of Life made in his studio   because______.

A.one of the characters smoked a lot

B.smoking added something to the plot

C.smoking in the film resulted in a storm

D.tobacco use was prohibited from films

8.Glantz found that the number of smoking scenes in hit movies   were______higher than 40 years ago.





9.The word“it”in Line 4,Para. 1 refers to______.





10.Executives from Imagine Pictures______.

A.failed to tell actors about the seriousness of tobacco use

B.should have informed actors of the bad effects of smoking

C.didn't admit the existence of tobacco use scenes in their films

D.didn't know there were smoking scenes in their movies at first

11.In Reiner's opinion,______should be held mainly responsible for smoking   scenes in movies.





13.I met him on the Internet and we chatted for several months. Every time I   suggested we meet in person,he would come up with an excuse. I thought it was   strange-but he told me that he had not gotten over the death of his wife and he   was still grieving for her.

I thought that he needed a friend and decided that I could be that friend. We   sent cards, exchanged gifts,talked on the phone and I was sure that we would   meet someday. I had spoken with his children so I was sure that what he told me   was true. I could not wait for the day when we would meet. I was so looking   forward to being able to reach out and touch him. To hug him,to hold him and   feel his big strong arms around me.

After almost two years of time,thousands of dollars on long distance phone   calls,I was very frustrated at the endless stream of excuses as to why we could   never seem to make a time to meet. Finally,contacted the website WhoisHe. com   and asked if they could check out the man who had taken up so much of my   heart,my energy and my life. I had enough information about him and felt that if   I could confirm what he had been telling me-I could feel okay about these   delays. I had hopes that I didn't want to dash if he was telling the truth. I   believed I could wait a little while longer.

Well, I am glad that I decided to have him checked out-he was nothing he   claimed to be. He was first and foremost a married man. He was not a man   grieving for the loss of his wife. He was a man cheating on his wife,with me-and   I found out later,with countless others on the“net”. He did not care that he had   hurt me in a very deep and pathetic way. He talked of spending his life together   with me. He told my son that he wanted to make me happy. Basically,he just lied.   He was such a good liar I did not see it coming. It was as if he had been able   to worm his way into my heart-and he didn't care about the effect he had on my   hopes and dreams.

Each of us should look at the signs that are so clear if we are willing to   see them. Do not let someone keep making excuse after excuse. If something feels   wrong-likely it is. It is good to know the truth and be able to deal with it.   Next time I will pay more attention. I may never be able to trust someone online   again.

It can be inferred from Para. 4 that______.

A.the man was a single person in reality

B.the woman was the man's only girlfriend

C.the man had too many girlfriends on the net

D.the woman had countless online boyfriends

14.The job of WhoisHe. com is to______.

A.help people find true love

B.write single men's biographies

C.verify the truth of friends'words

D.offer information about single men

15.It can be concluded from the passage that______.

A.the man loved his wife passionately

B.the woman loved the man deeply

C.the man dearly loved the woman

D.the woman hated the man's wife

16.The woman felt badly hurt because she______.

A.gave many gifts to the man

B.spent a lot of time with the man

C.failed to find true love from the man

D.spent too much money on the phone

17.The last paragraph probably indicates that the woman______.

A.was outraged at the truth

B.was used to being cheated

C.found the truth at the beginning

D.came to know she was cheated

四、4.Word Spelling

0. 零 n. z_ _ _

1. 木制的,木头的 a. w_ _ _ _ _

2. 想象力;视觉 m. v_ _ _ _ _

3. 抓住,夺取 vt. s_ _ _ _

4. 巨大的,极大的 a. t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. 悬挂;暂停 vt. s_ _ _ _ _ _

6. 日常的,例行的 a. r_ _ _ _ _ _

7. 准时的,正点的 a. P_ _ _ _ _ _ _

8. 展望,前景 n. o_ _ _ _ _ _

9. 氮 n. n_ _ _ _ _ _ _

10. 混合,混合物 n. m_ _ _ _ _ _

11. 照明 n. l_ _ _ _ _ _ _

12. 一月 n. J_ _ _ _ _ _

13. 变紧,拧紧 v. t_ _ _ _ _ _

14. 英俊的,漂亮的 a. h_ _ _ _ _ _ _

15. 地理,地理学 n. g_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

16. 有成果的,有收获的 a. f_ _ _ _ _ _ _

17. 熄灭,消灭 n. e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

18. 干旱季节,旱灾 n. d_ _ _ _ _ _

19. 消耗,花费 vt. c_ _ _ _ _ _

五、5.Word From

0. Her fingers trembled while______(sign)the document.

1. But for the traffic accident,we would have arrived a bit______(early).

2. The computer has made our life______(color).

3. That wasn't a nice way______(speak)to your teacher.

4. If you had been here yesterday,you______(see)his father.

5. These two classes of words,______(take)together,make up the whole   vocabulary.

6. I think what he said is closely related to the topic of   our______(converse).

7. As with anything carried to excess,daydreaming Call be______(harm).

8. The boy,who didn't read the instructions______(care),turned off the wrong   switch.

9. Jack has been studying here for four years;by the summer   he______(graduate).

六、6.Translation from Chinese into English

0. 人们越来越注重生活的质量。

1. 即使生气,你讲话也要礼貌、自然。

2. 由于造价过于昂贵,许多人都反对在市中心建造新宾馆。

3. 他对保险业的了解相当有限。

4. 他们几乎没意识到已完成了一项重大科学发现。

七、7.Translation from English into Chinese

0. There are three kinds of book owners. The first has all the standard sets   and best-sellers-unread,untouched. This type of person owns paper and ink, not   books. The second has a great many books-a few of them read through,most of them   browsed through. but all of them as clean and shiny as the day they were bought.   This person would probably. like to make books his own,but is held back by a   respect for their physical appearance. The third has a few books or many-every   one of them dogeared(卷边的),shaken and loosened by continual use. marked and   scribbled in from front to back. This man owns books.

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